presents the Broadway classic,
Kiss Me Kate (Revised)

"Kiss Me Kate" was performed July 25 - 27, 2014

Cast of Characters
Fred Graham/ Petrucio - Hunter Wolfe
Lilli Vanessi/Katharine Minola - Allison Winkel
Lois Lane/Bianca Minola - Hannah Seavey
Bill Calhoun/Lucentio - Collin Zollinger
Harrison Howell - Zach Woessner
First Man (Gangster) - Matt Mammosser
Second Man (Gangster) - Kolten Conklen
Harry Trevor/Baptista Milnola - James Schauff
Hattie - Erin McCawley
Ruth - Meghan Clodfelter
Dance Captain - Abbey Zacharski
Pops - Michael Frohling

Paul - Evan Lobdell
Gremio - Bradley Schlegel
Hortensio - Elliot Sheets
Stagehand 1 - Cecilia Ottens
Stagehand 2 - Abby Nitz
Stagehand 3 - Maryn Palmer
Wardrobe Lady - Anne Zigler
The Ensemble
: Kaitlyn Bay, Arabella Chamberlain,
Brayden Rodriguez, Kelly Suarez, Kinsey Zacharski

Directors - Tim Schlegel, Jill Price
Music/Vocal Director - Tim Schlegel
Scenic Director - Chuck Price
Technical Director - Ian Wankerl
Choreographer - Shanae Sterba

Assistant Choreographer - Abbey Zacharski
Stage Manager - Shelby Westart
Assistant Stage Manager - Abby Langner
Rehearsal Accompanist - Amy Boze
Costumes - Tori Duffin
Costumes Assistant - Shelby Westart
Props - Sarah Baxter
Lights - Kyle Morgan
Follow Spot Operators - Gunnar Page, Jacob Reynolds
Audio Operator - Jesse Sigel
Audio Assistant - Brandon Adams
Set Construction - Jim Henry, Pete Micale, Chuck Price
Stage Crew - Emma Boze, Annabelle Chattic,
Michael Farringer, Madeline Geil, Sydney Johnson
, Charish O'Neil
Paint Crew - Emma Boze, Meghan Clodfelter, Kolton Conklen, Erin McCawley,
James Schauff, Bradley Schlegel, Elliot Sheets, Kelly Suarez, Joel Wetzell,
Allison Winkel, Hunter Wolfe, Abbey Zacharski, Kinsey Zacharski, Collin Zollinger
Box Office - Debbie Bley, WIPFLi

Pit Band
Conductor - Tim Schlegel
Piano - Amy Boze
Bass - Rex Neff
Reed 1 - Brandi Spreeman
Reed 2 - Debbie Bley
Trumpet - Carolyn Aiken
Trombone - Michelle Nickrent
Drums - Joel Wetzell

Produced by special arrangement with Tams-Witmark Music Library

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