The Very First CCP Production ...
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An Interactive Murder Mystery Dinner
by Rob Boze & Chuck Price

"Audition for Death" was produced April 12-13, 2002

• Cast of Characters •
Colin Mac Dowell – Tim Schlegel
Olive Messiaen – Cathy Garland
Hank Marshner – Tom Foust
Nikki Mac Dowell – Alison Tedrick
Michelle Martini – Connie Swanson-DeSpain
Sergei Martinu – Rob Boze (April 12)
Sergei Martinu – Bruce Munsell (April 13)
Augustina “Gus” Mahler – Jill Price
Jack Meyerbeer – Chuck Price

"How to play ...
    The first thing to remember is you are no longer in your home town but in the fictitious community of Merrimont. As a
member of the audience, each of you is playing the part of a potential investor of Colin Mac Dowell's new Broadway bound production, "Discovery! A Man's Journey." You are all members of Society and Business. Mac Dowell and his associates, composer Jack Meyerbeer, Manager Olive Messiaen, adopted daughter Nikki and young actor Hank Marshner have come to raise funds and with them comes deadly mystery.  Unbeknown to them others have followed them to this quiet community: Sergi Martinu - an unpleasant thug on the lamb, Augustina Mahler - a disgraced ex-police detective, and Michelle Martini, whose past holds a secret connection to the others.
    As the play progresses you may find yourself next to a actor, though you may not always know it. At times you will be able to listen to private conversations. You are encouraged to participate, to play your part. Listen for clues, ask questions if the chance presents, share information with other audience members."

After almost a year since the first meeting of which marked the beginnings of the Centennial Community Players, "Audition For Death" became the group's first production.  The adventure began in the auditorium, both on stage and in the house, where some of the characters in the story were attempting to raise funds for a new musical and other characters were there for other, darker reasons.  The audience was then ushered into the South Lobby where the meal was served.  The characters were scattered amongst the audience who interacted with them and became witness to conversations and actions both "public" and "private."  Then once the characters and relationships had established themselves there was a "murder."  Now it was up to the audience to help figure out from the clues presented what evidence was valid and what was a diversion to determine both the motive and the killer or killers.  It was an enjoyable mystery for both the cast and the audience and soon the Centennial Community Players would follow this success with "Nunsense."

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