"Our American Cousin" was performed April 25 27, 2008

Cast of Characters
(in order of Appearance)

Sharpe Dawn Cannon
Mr. Buddicombe Don Crawford
Skillet Laura Thompson
Mr. Binny Robert Muschal
John Wickens Kraig Schweiss
Florence Trenchard Kerensa Pink
Sir Edward Trenchard Edwin Davis
Mrs. Mountchessington Susan Branch
Augusta Andrea Boerger
Capt. De Boots Eric Whitlock
Harry Vernon Sam Twining
Lord Dundreary Chuck Price
Georgina Katrina Pageloff
Asa Trenchard Austin Eckel
Mr. Coyle Rob Boze
Abel Murcott Alex Sherbeyn
Mary Sarah Thompson
Livery (The Bailiffs!)
Logan Cannon, Jim Henry, Dave Tompkins

Director Tim Tedrick
Assistant Director Jill Price
Tech Director Chuck Price
Stage Managers Emily Ansusinha & Tori Duffin
Costumes & Piano Mary Lynn Tedrick
Props Roberta Fredericks
Lights Holly Vrhel
Sound Ben Dirks
Hair Marilyn Henry
Set Construction Jim, Henry, Roberta Fredericks, Kerensa Pink, Chad Pink
Publicity Pat McLeod
Box Office Pam McAleese, Nicole Meinhardt

Special Thanks
For the loan of costumes, props, or furnitiure
Don Crawford, Robert Muschal, Del Tedrick,
Mary Lynn Tedrick, Larry Werline
and Rev. Robert Sharp (appearing before the show as Abraham Lincoln)

"Our American Cousin" is best known as the play President Abraham Lincoln was watching when he was assassinated at Ford's Theatre, but it is so much more!  This 1858 British farce contains Wit, Confusion, and Romance!  Will the "American Savage" from Vermont get his vengeance among his British cousins?  Will the milkmaid get her fortune?  Will Mrs. Mountchessington succeed in setting up her daughter in marriage? Is Georgina's "delicate nature" for real? And what has Lord Dundreary's hair dye to do with it all?  Come experience a Victorian play!  "Our American Cousin" was a wildly popular 19th century comedy and is still enjoyable today!

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