a musical based on the Gospel of St. Matthew

Conceived & Originally Directed by
John-Michael Tebelak

Music & New Lyrics by
Stephen Schwartz

"Godspell" was performed September 29 - October 2, 2005

(in order of appearance)
Jesus -------------------------------------------- Dane Styczynski
Angie - (Socrates) ----------------------------- Angie Harrison
Shae - (Thomas Aquinas) ---------------------- Shae Cooper
Edwin - (Gallileo) --------------------------------- Edwin Davis
Emily - (DaVinci) ------------------------- Emily Sharboneau
Nathen - (Jonathan Edwards) ----------- Nathen Temequil
Krystle - (L. Ron Hubbard) -------------- Krystle Gascoigne
Jill - (Jean Paul Sartre) -------------------------------- Jill Price
Lauren - (Marianne Williamson) -------- Lauren McMillin
John the Baptist/Judas ------------------------- Connor Price

Keyboard 1 ------------------------------- Mary Lynn Tedrick
Keyboard 2 ---------------------------------------------- Rex Neff
Drums ------------------------------------------------- Tony Hoyle

The "GODSPELL" Staff
 Director/Scenic Designer ---------------------- Chuck Price
 Musical Director --------------------------------- Tim Schlegel
 Choreography ---------------------------------- Heather Krick
Costumes/Rehearsal Pianist -------- Mary Lynn Tedrick
Stage Manager ------------------------------- Allison Shuman

Set Construction ---------------- Jim Henry, Tim Tedrick
Stage Crew ------------- Sarah Hubbard, Abby Petrosky
Lighting Crew ------------- Jamie Espinoza, Kinzie Reins

Program "Comments from the Director"

Welcome to "GODSPELL," the first show of the 2005-06 season.  And a diverse season it is. Celebration, murder, revolution, music, laughter and tears.  I hope you join us for all the fun to come.

"GODSPELL" was a unique show when it first appeared off Broadway in the early 1970s and continues to be unique today.  Starting with the thought of some of histories greatest philosophers, from Socrates to Sartre the show quickly evolves into a celebration of community.  Based on the Gospel of Saint Matthew, "GODSPELL" touches on themes common to all peoples and all faiths.  There is something here for all.

Since "GODSPELL" debuted composer/lyricist Stephen Schwartz has established himself as one of Broadway's best.  Some of his other shows include the groundbreaking "Pippin," the current sensation "Wicked," and the Disney film "Pocohantas."  In "GODSPELL" we see the beginnings of a great Theatrical talent.

Theatre is the result of the creative efforts of many people and It has been my pleasure to work with a very talented cast, crew, and staff.  The Centennial Community Players is young, growing organization and we extend an invitation to any who wish to join us both on stage, backstage, and in the seats.  You are our community and we are your players. Come play with us!

Thank you to:
Sterling Fence
Osco Drug

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