Coming Fall 2007

"Nunsense Jamboree" was performed September 28 30, 2007

Cast of Characters
Sister Mary Paul (AKA Amnesia) Kristie Geil
Sister Mary Wilhelm Jo Chandler
Sister Robert Anne Jill Price
Sister Mary Leo Aleta Tarbill
Father Virgil Manly Trott Edwin Davis
Stage Manager Susan Branch
The Voice of Reverend Mother Susan Branch

Directed by Tim Tedrick and Tim Schlegel
Designed and Tecnical Direction by Chuck Price
Choereographed by Heather Krick
Costumed by Mary Lynn Tedrick
Accompanist Mary Lynn Tedrick
Stage Manager Susan Branch
Ticket Office Pam McAleese
Construction Jim Henry, Chuck Price
Stage Crew Allyson Ansusinha, Tori Duffin, Abby Petrosky

Jamboree Band
Sister Mary Merman (Keyboard) Mary Lynn Tedrick
Father Patrick (Keyboard) Patrick Sheehan
Father Rex (Bass Keyboard) Rex Neff

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Produced by Special Arrangement with Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

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