"The Odd Couple, Female Version" was performed April 27-29, 2007

Cast of Characters
(In order of appearance)
Sylvie Jean Sanders
Mickey Cathy Garland
Renee Emily Sharboneau
Vera Nicole Fredericks
Olive Madison Susan Branch
Florence Unger Jo Chandler
Manolo Costazuela Bruce Munsell
Jesus Costazuela Edwin Davis

Director Tim Tedrick

Assistant Director Kraig Schweiss
Set Design Chuck Price
Production Assistant Dane Styczinski
Costumes & Props Mary Lynn Tedrick
Stage Manager Dawn Cannon
Lights Rob Boze
Sound Chuck Price
Hair Marilyn Henry
Box Office Pam McAleese
Construction Jim Henry, Chuck Price, Roberta Fredericks, Kraig Schweiss
Stage Crew Tori Duffin, Abby Petrosky, Roberta Fredericks, Jill Price


Two mismatched roomates, Olive Madison and Florence Ungar, are the main characters in the updated female version of Neil Simon's classic comedy, "The Odd Couple."  When a hopelessly habitual slob and a compulsively meticulous nuerotic become roomates the resulting clash becomes a comic masterpiece!

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