In the Spirit of Murder!

"In The Spirit of Murder!" was performed September 26, 2009
at Woodlawn Arts Academy

Cast of Characters
Iphigenia Sarah Thompson
Quentin Luscombe
Rob Boze
John Apple David Downing
Marsha Maxwell Susan Branch
Simon Newton Chuck Price
Beverly Hill Jill Price
Edwin Davis as "The Host"

Director Chuck Price
Iphigenia Costume Mary Lynn Tedrick
Sound Freddy Rastede and Brad Zacharski
Publicity Pat McCleod
Ticket Sales Karen O'Leary
House Management for CCP Pam McAleese, Nicole Meinhardt, and Brad Zacharski
Helpers Ryan Downing, Leti Estrada, Maci Mitchell, Haley Osborn,
Holly Vrhel, Shelby Westart, & Abby Zacharski
Catering Creative Cuisine

This production was dedicated to the memory of our good friend and mentor
P. C. Swanson, Jr.

World renowned psychic Iphigenia comes to town to showcase her amazing powers as a Medium and Fortune Teller.  But all is not right when things suddenly go awry and the forces of the after-life crosses paths with the lives of both the innocent and the guilty.  A dark history haunts those in attendance and, before the evening is over, murder once again claims a victim, touching all involved.  Will justice prevail or will the guilty once again escape into the shadows?

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