• • • • • •
"Sung To Death" was performed June 6 & 7, 2008
at Woodlawn Arts Academy

• • • Cast of Characters • • •
(In order of Appearance)

Jim Warner– Rob Boze
Susan Carl–Travers – Jill Price
Stewart Carl – Tim Tedrick
Rebecca “Becky” Nash – Karensa Pink
Parker Thomas – Edwin Davis
Scarlet Phillips – Sarah Thompson
Cassandra “Cassie” Paul –
Laura Thompson
Ray Garrison – Chuck Price
Harold Elliot – Connor Price

Years ago, at the height of the folk music craze, Ray & Jay was a top line act known for bright and cheerful songs. But, after a tragic accident took the life of the gregarious Jay, reclusive Ray withdrew.  Years later, a shy and eccentric Ray returns to his hometown for a testimonial dinner.  Ray's manager, his "nurse," a record company intern, a jaded lawyer, an ambitious politician,  an aggressive television newswoman, an
opportunistic young geek, and a wrongly accused ex-con are among the guests at this celebration that goes terribly awry!

Thank you to:
Coloma Park District
Woodlawn Arts Academy
Pat McLeod
Pam McAleese
Nicole Meinhardt
Mary Lynn Tedrick
Tim Schlegel
Sterling High School

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