Who Didn't

"Who Didn't?" was performed September 20, 2008
at Sauk Valley Community College as part of "The Big Read" event

• • • Cast of Characters • • •
(In Order of Apearance)
Joe (José) Johnson O'Malley Chuck Price
Benny (The Bomber) Black – Rob Boze
Fifí (la Garote) LaCorde – Sarah Thompson
Beatrice (Honey, the Hit Person) Waxman – Jill Price
Tootsie (Six Shooter) Smith – Laura Thompson
Looie (The Loon) LeLuna – Alex Sherbeyn

The events of “Who Didn’t” take place in the fictional town of Merrimont (a place where other interactive mysteries have taken place.)  Each member of the audience is here to attend a meeting, in a banquet setting, of professional, though thoroughly inept, killers.  They have gathered together to hear the announcement of the results of the competition that was designed to appoint the latest President of this sorry organization.  The competition is nothing more than a contest to be the first to liquidate a pre-selected victim.  Unfortunately, the body of the victim has three identical wounds from the same weapon and four candidates claiming to have "done the deed!"  One is lying.  One is not guilty.  It is the job of the characters in the play and the audience members (who are also considered to be members, or potential members, of the organization, and therefore also killers) to determine…

As the show progresses you will “overhear” private conversations. You may find that one or more characters from our story may be seated at your table.  The amount of your involvement is entirely up to you.  If you choose, you may simply sit back, watch, and enjoy the show.  Or you can actively play the part of an assassin or other unsavory gangster.  Perhaps you wish to take sides and curry favor with one of the “candidates.” Or double-cross one of them.  Ask questions when the opportunity presents, though there’s no guarantee you’ll get a truthful answer. And listen carefully: there’s one clue that proves the "Not Guilty" person to be innocent of the crime.

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