Set pieces

20 Foot Revolving Turntable Platform
The revolve is 6" high and is assembled in twelve inter-locking wedges
plus a center piece set over a center pivot.  It is manually powered.

Cart for the "Cart Crash" scene
Cart Crash
The cart is shown with painted wheels (which we had borrowed).
We bought our own wheels which are unpainted but look pretty much the same.

Barricade - No Longer Available
We've left the pictures here for your own research.
Two 4' X 8' Wagons that roll and connect together, then lock into place.
Barricade 1

Barricade 2

"Rue Plumet" gate
Fits on an 11' wagon, recommended to use with two wagon brakes on each end.

Bridge (Javert's Suicide)
Built to attach to fly system - photographed in storage. 1' wide by 8' long.  Effective with tight lighting.
Using Photoshop to show how bridge would look on the set. 
The unit was up in the fly loft and we forgot to take a picture of it - silly us!
Bridge shown on revolve
As Javert leapt from the bridge it flew up into the fly loft.
Proper use of lighting made it look very effective.

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