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Centennial Theatrical Rentals
Over the years we have built or aquired and number of unique items.  We are in the process of making these available to other Theatrical groups.  Keep checking these pages as we continue to inventory and add new things!

Watch this space for information on renting

Costumes ... 
 Props ... 
             Set Pieces ... 
              Effects ...

"Beauty & the Beast" Set Pieces
Carts for the Bookseller, Baker, Flowerseller, and Chip, and Gaston's Chair!

"Les Misérables" Set Pieces
Revolve, Barricade, Gate, Cart, Bridge Railing!

We have items from our other productions we haven't had time to put on the web site
so ask if you're looking for something!

For more information on renting any items contact:
Tim Schlegel, Performance Co-ordinator for Centennial Auditorium: (815) 622-3542

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